November 2023

10th Annual Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp offers educational opportunities rather than shopping sprees

In a bid to transform Black Friday from a day of shopping sprees to a day of educational empowerment, Gwen Thomas, the founder and executive director of Fresh Perspectives Seminars, is gearing up for the 10th annual Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp on Nov. 24 in Detroit. This year, the event will offer four scholarships, including two $1,000 prizes, one $500 award, and one $250 grant for graduating seniors. 

Michigan’s higher education experts discuss college access, equity for communities of color

​A sobering reality persists for many students from communities of color trying to enter one of Michigan’s many higher education institutions. Often, they’re met with a myriad of challenges and barriers in the pursuit of higher education access and admission. From systemic inequities to financial constraints, these aspiring scholars often confront multifaceted hurdles that can hinder their dreams of post-secondary education.   

The Blackbottom Group’s EV Automotive Mobility Program prepares Detroiters for an electrified future

The Blackbottom Group has launched an innovative program, the EV Automotive Mobility Program, that equips Detroiters with the skills necessary for jobs that will soon be in high demand. The Program offers hands-on training in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles, as well as education in internal combustion engine technology, in an effort to bridge the gap and address the racial disparity within the electric vehicle (EV) industry.  Only roughly 2% of EV owners are Black, a statistic often attributed to vehicle costs and a notable lack of charging stations in predominantly Black neighborhoods, often referred to as “charging deserts.” The racial disparity within the EV industry is not just about car ownership; it extends to broader implications for public health and economic opportunities.

The implications of Michigan’s population stagnation: A conversation with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Population stagnation is a challenge faced by many states and regions across the nation, and Michigan is no exception. It’s a predicament that, if left unaddressed, experts say could have significant and far-reaching consequences for the state’s economy, workforce and long-term prosperity. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has made addressing this issue a top priority and has established the “Growing Michigan Together Council” to propose solutions. The council’s findings and recommendations, anticipated in December, will play a pivotal role in determining the state’s trajectory.  

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