The Career Center

The Career Center is a show where real teens explore the opportunities in their future and the paths available to find their dream career.

The program is hosted by a career counselor and walks teens through the process of exploring careers and career pathways. Segments include:

  • Career Exploration: Meet professionals who represent different facets of the career track or cluster and learn about the diversity of jobs available and skills needed.
  • 21st Century Skills: Communication, critical thinking, digital skills…. they’re needed in every job! Short segments help job seekers build skills and build their resume.
  • Career Pathways: From apprenticeship programs and bootcamps to university and community college programs, find multiple paths to pursuing your dreams.
  • In this episode, learn the skills and education you need to succeed in these emerging industries, and learn about a resource that helps you identify high-demand and high wage careers. Don’t miss the chance to discover some career opportunities of the future.

  • Time to design your future! In this episode, we explore the creative world of design careers. See how others turned their creativity into fulfilling careers, hear insights and tips from successful designers, and learn about the skills and education you need to break into this exciting field!

  • Are you ready to take the leap and become your own boss? In this episode, we talk to successful business owners about their journeys, learn the skills needed to start and grow a business, and discover the rewards and challenges of being your own boss.

  • Software development, computer science and information technology are careers with many different pathways. In the Career Center visit with an IT entrepreneur, and learn about how early exposure to STEM can help change lives.

  • Artists, engineers, fabricators, machinists, and entrepreneurs, can all find good careers in Small Scale Manufacturing. Visit a unique manufacturer of recycled goods and talk to a small non-profit about the career pathways available for people interested in small-scale manufacturing.

  • Over 180,000 people in Michigan are employed in automotive manufacturing alone. But it isn’t just manufacturing, there are automotive careers in engineering, repair, design, sales and so much more. Learn about Automotive Jobs in The Career Center.

  • Careers in public service make an impact. In the Career Center we are going On the Job in a local community to see what working in public service is all about. Then, we visit the the University of Michigan to learn about the career pathway and outlook for students looking to work in public service.

  • In this episode of The Career Center, we explore job opportunities in healthcare, go on-the-job with a nurse, and learn about a career training program for aspiring dental hygienists. Plus, a primer on a skill every healthcare professional must master.

  • Careers in manufacturing are on the rise, and they look a lot different than the assembly lines we saw in the past. Manufacturing has gone high tech. Learn about manufacturing careers at an automotive manufacturer, and go On the Job with a company that specializes in 3D printing on The Career Center

  • We explore career opportunities in transportation, go on-the-job with a heavy equipment operator, and learn about opportunities in aviation maintenance. Plus, tips to help you improve communication. Hosted by Andrea Pisani, with appearances by Paige and Brooke.

  • In this episode of The Career Center, we explore job opportunities in the construction and building trades, go on-the-job with an electrician, learn about a carpentry training program for teens, and share tips to increase your productivity.

  • Two people high-fiving in a gym

    How can you turn a passion for sports into a career? In the Career Center we’ll learn about careers in sports and athletics outside the court. We’ll go On the Job with a gym making an impact, and we’ll learn about how a passion for sports can lead to a great career in broadcasting.

  • Educators and children playing in a classrooom

    Children do an incredible amount of learning in the first five years of their lives — and early childhood professionals help them along the way. Tens of thousands of jobs in early childhood are open each year. Learn about careers in early childhood education in The Career Center.