Detroit Public TV Launches ‘Future of Work’ Initiative to Help Grow Michigan’s Workforce and Fill the Skills Gap for Generations to Come

The new, joint initiative between the Michigan Learning Channel and One Detroit seeks to demystify the world of work, sharing a broad spectrum of career possibilities and resources.

Michigan has a talent shortage that’s impeding economic growth. With roughly 520,000+ Michigan job openings projected annually through 2030 and young talent continuing to migrate out of state, it is imperative that young people understand the opportunities available here and how to connect with resources to land them a desirable job.

The employment landscape is challenging to navigate particularly due to gaps in technical skills and an ever-evolving job market. More workforce training is needed to keep young people here in Michigan by giving them the opportunities to learn skills that result in high-paying jobs and to help adults upskill to make a more lucrative career change.

Beginning this month–marking Career and Technical Education Month in Michigan–Detroit Public TV is launching a new Future of Work initiative to help students and young adults find a path to economic empowerment.

Starting tonight Feb. 6, the Michigan Learning Channel will host weekly programs showcasing different career pathways for students and job seekers. “Career Night” will air every Monday night from 8-11 p.m. ​To learn more, visit here.

Tonight, DPTV also launches launch its Future of Work website aimed at demystifying the world of work. The site will support young people and job seekers, as well as their family members, by sharing a broad spectrum of career possibilities that exist here in Michigan and providing practical information to support the career journey.

The site pairs resources supporting students and parents from the Michigan Learning Channel with conversations with industry and community leaders produced on the One Detroit public affairs show.  This two-pronged approach helps bridge the gap in order to fill the talent pipeline with a new generation of workers. Visit the new Future of Work website here.

Through the Michigan Learning Channel, career content will also reach students at school through the Channel’s educator network. Research shows that 80% of educators agree that high schoolers are “overwhelmed” by career-decision making, and 87% of middle schoolers want information about careers that match their skills and interests. By offering lesson plans and classroom resources for career exploration, the Michigan Learning Channel hopes to reach students earlier with current examples of career pathways they could pursue in future.

More Future of Work content will continue to be released, including a television program and classroom resources planned for spring 2023. The new Future of Work initiative will provide essential resources to support job seekers along their entire career journey including:

  • Career Exploration:  A range of career opportunities from the familiar to the obscure —by hearing from professionals across a variety of industries
  • 21st Century Skills:  Information on developing key skills as well as practical tips such as applying for financial aid and preparing for a big interview
  • Career Pathways: Opportunities to pursue that dream career, from apprenticeship programs and bootcamps to university and community college programs
  • Workforce Trends:  Hear from community leaders about what jobs and skills are most relevant in industries today and what they expect the future to bring for Michigan

Through a statewide partnership of PBS stations, Michigan Learning Channel resources for career exploration and preparation will be shared across all areas of the state​, offering families and educators relevant information about current career opportunities and higher education and training costs.

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