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After more than two years of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and major economic shifts, Michigan’s workforce landscape has changed drastically. Businesses of all sizes, and their employees, were impacted. Some small businesses shuttered, while others thrived, and the philosophy behind what work is, and what it should be, came into question.

In April 2022, Detroit Public TV’s One Detroit team began its work to examine the status of Michigan’s workforce and economy, and whether our state is prepared for the future of work. During our monthly virtual Future of Work Town Halls posed the question: Coming out of the pandemic, what does the future of work in Michigan look like?

Featuring seasoned experts and professionals currently navigating major economic workforce questions, One Detroit’s Future of Work coverage has explored what the future holds in store for Michigan’s workforce and whether Michigan has the infrastructure, amenities and investments to attract and retain a workforce that can propel the state forward.

We’ve learned where Michigan’s workforce ranks against other states, looked at the challenges Michigan educators are facing, surveyed Michigan’s placemaking efforts and needs, investigated the state’s latest childcare legislation, and talked to Michigan companies that are investing in the next generation of businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs.

As 2022 comes to its end, One Detroit Producer and Future of Work Town Hall host Will Glover takes stock of Michigan’s workforce and economy, and the progress the state has made this year.

Watch our Future of Work Town Halls:

Building Michigan’s Future Workforce

Explore how Michigan’s workforce compares to other states and the investments needed to compete in the future of work.

Steering the Future: Moving the Motor City’s Auto Industry Forward

How will Michigan’s auto industry stay competitive in the ever-changing automotive environment of the 21st century?

Creating Communities: The Path to Placemaking

Michigan has invested in placemaking to attract and retain a strong workforce, but have the state’s efforts paid off?

Michigan Redesigned

Exploring Michigan’s efforts to develop its creative design industry and become a creative hub for designers.

School’s Out for Teachers: Examining the State of Teaching in Michigan

Examining Michigan’s teacher shortage and the state’s efforts to make education a more sought-after profession.

Women in the Workforce

Investigating how Michigan’s latest childcare legislation will help working parents re-enter the workforce.

The JOBS Project with Detroit Action

Michigan’s returning citizens disproportionately face employment barriers. The JOBS Project helps them find jobs.

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The rapidly changing workforce landscape has created new, unique challenges for employees and employers. One Detroit’s Future of Work series examines different aspects of the ever-changing working world.

Check out the latest future of work stories, town halls and interviews to learn more about where Michigan’s workforce could be heading in the future.

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