Social Justice

Northern Michigan Trauma Camp takes alternative approach to helping returning citizens with re-entry

There’s help available for returning citizens – the many thousands who are re-entering society each year after serving time in prison – as they try to adapt and adjust to life on the outside. At a small program held in Northern Michigan last fall called Trauma Camp<, returning citizens were able to confer and learn coping skills from counselors.

Federal Pell Grants for prison inmates return, opening new possibilities for prison education programs

In Michigan, roughly 22% of the state’s formerly incarcerated population end up back behind bars, but education can have an impact on recidivism. A study from Emory University shows that recidivism rates drop to less than 14% after earning an associate degree, down to 5.6% after earning a bachelor’s degree, and nearly 0% with a master’s degree. More opportunities for returning citizens to earn higher education degrees became accessible in July when Federal Pell Grants became available to the incarcerated again.  

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