Gen X: Picking up the Slack in an Evolving Workforce | Future of Work Town Hall

They’re not the silent generation. Hidden from the spotlight until now, Gen Xers (born between 1965 and 1981) have quietly become the next generation of workforce leaders, rising to C-suite level positions, as they take on new roles and talk about hiring for positions that don’t exist yet.

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Bank of America President Matt Elliott discusses Detroit’s recovery, housing affordability, Mackinac Policy Conference 2023

As cities and downtowns continue to navigate post-pandemic recovery, downtown Detroit’s recovery has been night and day, literally. While nightlife activity has nearly fully returned to pre-pandemic levels, weekday activity has been slow to return to downtown Detroit, having an impact on business and the city’s overall economic recovery.

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Detroit Economic Club hosts Jeff Donofrio, Rachel Stewart in discussion about Michigan’s economy, trends

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Richard Florida shares the two priorities downtown Detroit needs for its post-pandemic recovery

In the past decade, the pulse of downtown Detroit has gone up and down like a rollercoaster. From a steep drop into bankruptcy a decade ago to swift twists and turns to return the city’s vibrancy, all for those efforts to be met with another huge drop— the COVID-19 pandemic. As Detroiters head into year three of the city’s post-pandemic recovery efforts, what plans are ahead? And what do the experts think?  

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What do workers want from a post-pandemic workforce? Strategic Staffing Solutions weighs in

For nearly three years, many employees have been working remotely because of the pandemic. Now, whether employers are choosing to stay fully remote, implement a hybrid model or make a full return to the office, several businesses are starting to make decisions about their post-pandemic workplace environments and requirements. But what do the employees want?  

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